Mechanical Services

Orvad now has a bank of experience with its Mechanical Services, working on major shutdowns providing heavy mechanical work in abrasive environments.  We also provide offsite and onsite fabrication service for replacement items.  Offsite fabrication saves tool time during the shutdowns.  One service provider improves planning and coordination and gives client confidence. Works completed include:

  • Extensive Bin and Chute repairs and replacements
  • Refurbishment of OPF Dry Screen modules
  • Replacement of lower storage bin sections
  • Screen deck change-outs
  • Refurbishment of Conveyor Frames/ Fabrication
  • Design and Installation of Isolation Crusher Gates
  • Screen Media Change-out
  • Feed / Discharge Chutes change-outs
  Our problem solving innovations continue with our Mechanical expertise, introducing initiatives to the client for savings now and in the future.   Mechanical Picture