Material & Productivity


Orvad’s professional team ensure you receive the right materials for each application. Efficient and productive scaffolding starts with using the right material. Since 2006 Orvad has incorporated the German design and manufactured Layher Scaffold System into the material we use.
    Layher Allround Scaffold has many benefits over traditional scaffold including:
    • Labour cost savings – due to fewer components and substantially lower erection and dismantle times.
    • Higher load bearing capacity – due to lighter, higher tensile material.
    • Better safety – through smarter designed components and lighter stronger material.
    • Increased Tool Time for tradespeople through improved scaffold productivity.
    • Happier Scaffolders and tradespeople – because they love using the Layher System and delivering a quality product.
This, along with well trained quality people, planning and good systems has allowed us to deliver substantial productivity improvements and cost savings to many clients and projects. Let us show you how we can deliver substantial productivity gains plus cost savings to your next project.