Experience and innovation lie at the heart of Orvad. We are constantly researching and developing better ways to serve the needs of our clients. With over 30 years’ experience in scaffolding, rigging and encapsulation, we have been able to design and develop specialised programs, processes and equipment to ensure the smooth operation of our business, and provide the highest level of service to our industry partners.

Some of our innovations include:
  • The development of our own database and system for the control and tracking of all scaffold material and project labour hours.
  • Submarine encapsulation. We re-designed scaffold to make encapsulation efficient for erect and dismantle time, and for ease of use.
  • Research and use of more efficient materials.
  • Being the first company in Western Australia to widely use efficient Layher scaffold system.
  • Designing and developing special metal boards for tube and fitting scaffold because of the fire hazards associated with standard timber boards.
  • Inside a vessel where visibility and ventilation was a problem, we designed and manufactured a mesh panel scaffold system, which included escape panelling for rescue access.
  • Initiating the development and implementation of a specific pivoting camera for internal inspections of vessels and dangerous access areas.
  • The development of mesh walkway scaffold boards for use during maintenance work under a wharf. This solved the problems associated with tides shifting standard boards and damaging the integrity of the structure.
  • We were responsible for the intricate design and engineering of internal vessel scaffolds to utilise Allround modular scaffold for shutdown work. This improved safety and significantly reduced labour hours and costs on the shutdown.
  • Being at the forefront of detailed AutoCAD design of scaffolds.
  • Using monorail and hoist systems in vessels for efficient materials handling.