Technology & Systems

Orvad utilises up to date technology and systems for traceability and control of projects. We have invested considerable resources in developing technology and systems that enhance the service that we offer our clients. For example, our Scaffold Request & Control (SRC) System provides control of all scaffolding, labour and materials on site, and delivers effective reporting to our clients. Proven advantages of the SRC System include:
  • Labour & Materials  Record and tracked for each scaffold.
  • Large Projects  Very effective for traceability and control of a high number of scaffolds.
  • Shutdowns  & Repeat Work  Past scaffold information used and improved on. Liaise with client in planning phase, to identify scaffolds and workpacks required.
  • Scaffold Workpacks  Drawings, photos, material lists, work method, costings and durations for each scaffold.
  • Scaffold Safety Audit  An integrated function of the SRC system.
  • Extensive Reporting  Wide range of client reporting and ability to provide customised reporting.
  • Cost Effective Material Hire  Our system has ability to integrate this option.