Engineering & Design

Orvad specialises in the design and engineering of difficult access solutions. Our highly skilled scaffold management team has many years’ experience in providing innovative solutions to the mining, oil and gas, marine and commercial industries.

Efficiencies in scaffold erection and dismantle ensure greater efficiencies for clients with reduced construction, shutdown and maintenance times. Our in-house engineers can design a solution that meets your requirements and supply CAD drawings to ensure the most effective scaffold design is used.

Why is Orvad the market leader?

  • We design and use the most effective scaffold for each job, using the least amount of manpower.
  • We design scaffolds for all trades thereby reducing labour costs.
  • We build scaffolds to design, which has the added advantage of taking the guess-work out of building scaffold. This provides a safety benefit and increases labour efficiency.
  • Our engineered design solutions allow for all-round calibrated modular system scaffold to be used over the old traditional tube and fitting system, even in difficult areas such as internal vessels. This results in huge time and productivity savings.