Frac Tower

Project – Live Gas Plant
Site – Karratha, North West Western Australia

The Karratha Gas Plant Frac Tower maintenance project is an excellent example of a very complex job being well planned and well executed. The 3 towers required insulation to be replaced during a shutdown period.  Over 200 tonne of scaffold was erected to 40 metres high prior to the shutdown.

The scaffold was fully encapsulated, man and materials hoists installed for the movement of people and equipment.  This was achieved whilst the gas plant was fully operational, because of this the SAFETY aspect and avoidance of dropped objects was critical.

The project also required a high level of planning, design and engineering due to the critical nature of the work and engineering constraints associated with wind loading and vertical ground loads from the scaffold.

Frac Tower Drawing  Frac Tower Drawing01 Frac Tower


The project was successfully completed on time and on budget without any incidents.