Calciner Furnace

Project – Internal Scaffold to a Furnace for refractory repairs
Site – Worsley, South West Western Australia


This was Orvad’s first shutdown at this site. Historically conventional tube and fitting scaffold in conjunction with Kwikstage modular scaffold was erected for this type of work.  The scaffold dimensions were 4.5 metres diameter x 17 metres height.  Previously the quickest time to erect this scaffold was 72 hours.


By planning and detailed design work Orvad completed the Internal Furnace scaffold in under 12 hours.  This was a time saving of 60 hours on the clients shutdown time.


Traditionally the scaffold is entered through the vessel from the ground bottom and built upwards.  As the roof was unstable and at risk of collapsing, a new solution was required.

Orvad provided the re-designing, re-engineering and re-construction so that the scaffold build was entered from the top and erected downwards using the Layher Allround System.

Inside Vessel   Calciner Drawings     Inside Vessel_Scaff


Health and Safety issues were addressed minimising any risk of injuries from any falling debris.

Subsequently we have been contracted to do the scaffolding on major shutdowns on the site since this Project some 7 years ago.

2012 BHP Award

 “Winners of the 2012 BHPB Safety Award”